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Strategy Planning for Digital Marketing

Known Water is Safe.
What About Fish in the Ocean?

Digital marketing is more budget-friendly and efficient compared to traditional methods, allowing businesses to reach customers quickly. Increase your business’s digital visibility with Neka Digital and achieve success.

Digital Advertising
(Google & Meta Ads)

Sometimes you need to
catch people's eyes.

Neka Digital increases businesses’ brand awareness in the digital space, improves website traffic and sales by creating customized advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and Meta Ads. We help you stand out in the digital world with plans that fit your business field, your budget and goals.

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Enhance your online visibility!

Helping your business website move up in search engine rankings to gain more visibility. We continuously improve your site’s performance by optimizing content, technical, and off-page SEO elements. We ensure constant development by reporting the rise of your site with our SEO strategies.

Content Marketing (Editorial)

Both Humans and Google Understands Reading!

The increasing importance of content management with the increasing use of the internet includes the creation and editing of visual, textual, audio, and video content at Neka Digital. By perfecting the language, expression, fluency, and writing of the content, we strengthen the digital image of businesses and increase website traffic. By making social media content SEO-friendly, we ensure that your business reaches a wider audience.

Data Analysis and Analytics

Metrics..Numbers..And Bingo!

Data analysis and analytics are crucial for gaining a competitive advantage in digital marketing. Neka Digital analyzes businesses’ digital performance using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to identify effective campaigns and target audience. Our data-driven reports help us improve your digital strategies. Increase your business success by harnessing the power of data.

Media Buying

Wherever the Target Audience is, We Find Them and Place the Ad There!

Media buying, known as a digital marketing strategy that enables businesses to reach customers by purchasing a specific advertising space on digital platforms, helps businesses increase brand awareness and boost sales. To meet the media buying needs of businesses, as Neka Digital, we are constantly working to grow businesses by purchasing advertising space.

Why us?

How do we do it?

A Little Marketing, A Little Information Technology
A Little Henry Ford, A Little Bill Gates

Hmm.. It's getting interesting..

Reaching the goals by using the power of data

We are establishing the necessary foundation to make strategic decisions for brands by using the power of data. Data obtained from various sources such as websites, social media, customer feedback, and market research enables us to understand the target audience and shape our marketing strategies better according to their needs.

Perhaps I Can't Explain a Work of Art But About Data...

Extracting Meaning from Raw Data

We prepare the collected raw data to be suitable for analysis. This process involves cleaning, organizing, and classifying the data. Data processing enables the extraction of important information from large data sets quickly and effectively, allowing for accurate and prompt decision-making.

Okay, I don't expect you to explain everything, but... The result?

Making decisions and implementing!

Analysis results are used in making strategic decisions in areas such as the design of marketing campaigns, target audience segmentation, improvement of customer experience, and product development. The data-based decision-making process enables businesses to adapt quickly and effectively to market changes, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable success in the market.


With it’s expertise in data management, Neka Digital provides strong support to businesses in optimizing their marketing strategies and achieving their goals. Our data collection, processing, analysis, and utilization processes guide brands in their digital transformation journeys and enable them to achieve the best results.



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With advancing technology, the business world is constantly changing. Businesses want to exist in the digital world and introduce themselves. Neka Digital helps businesses succeed in the digital world.

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We, as Neka Digital, are an innovative team that will rapidly adapt you to the digital world and take your business potential to the top. With a range of services from web design to digital marketing, we are moving your business to the forefront of the digital showcase and working for your success.


Our team is filled with experienced and creative professionals in each area of digital marketing. For us, it is not only important to provide quality service, but also to maximize customer relationships by working closely with you. Every business has its own unique needs, and we provide custom solutions based on these needs.

If you want to strengthen your place in the digital world and reach the right customers in the best way, we are here. We, as Neka Digital, are proud to be by your side in your business journey in the digital era. Let’s walk together in this digital adventure!

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